magic hour 20. May 2019

midday 15. May 2019

skylog continued 10. May 2019

daybreak 01. May 2019

Skylog 03. November 2018

Hudson Valley Mural 30. July 2017

RISE 09. May 2015

a solo show by Kelie Bowman
May 9-June 21, 2015
Opening Reception May 9, 7-10pm
Booklyn Gallery
37 Greenpoint Ave, E4G
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Thurs-Tues, 12-5pm

at it's edges and in its depths 25. September 2014

the next beyond 20. September 2014

Basilica Hudson Mural 03. September 2014

Closing Time 27. July 2014

Reset the clocks 19. April 2014

New Light Hits video, Hagah 2014 19. April 2014

Grotto of Lost Lake 19. July 2013

dirty fingers 02. June 2013

Hear No Evil 02. June 2013

Video for Black Pus by Light Hits

Demolition Dust 02. April 2013

Video for Ann Pragg by Light Hits

Rewilding, FLA 30. September 2012

^^^ 24. September 2012

Florida Landscape 19. September 2012

SeaWolf 01. June 2012

Handmade Journals at Anthropologie 29. May 2012

Over the winter I handmade these journals for anthropologie. Get them here:

Collage 22. November 2011

These books were made from old artworks in my studio. It was a way for me to organize my studio quite literally and catalog works in collage to create loose narratives and new visual forms and ideas in book form. Sewn bound. Featured at the NY Art Book Fair 2011 at PS1 in Long Island City, NY.

Horus' Daughter on Vimeo 04. October 2011

Horus' Daughter 17. July 2011

Cinders Gallery Presents:

Horus' Daughter

Light Hits -- Kelie Bowman and Jessie Rose Vala

July 15th – Aug 7th 2011

Cinders Gallery is pleased to present Horus’ Daughter, an exhibition by the collaborative dynamic duo known as Light Hits.

Light Hits was conceived by high priestess of the Vulcan Order, Kelie Bowman, and mystical clairvoyant of the Glastonbury Tribe, Jessie Rose Vala, as a way to expand their creative process and integrate experiential ways to explore the themes they both investigate in their paintings and drawings.

Influenced by the Egyptian Myth of Osiris and Isis, Horus’ Daughter is a modern magical re-telling through video, sound, sculpture, drawings, and paintings. Sexual empowerment, transformation and the role of the masculine and feminine are themes throughout the installation. At the center of this exhibition is a 27-minute video featuring stop-motion animation, shadow puppetry, and live action to an original musical score by Bowman and Vala. The mystic meets the mundane as masked dancers take to the streets of Brooklyn while a cow-headed woman in a power suit wanders Wall Street. Winged apples with vaginas, blooming flowers and golden phalluses re-appear, turning this gruesome tale into a mind-bending mid-summer sexualized fantasy.

As you enter the space, a procession of life-size sculptures adorned with costumes from the film greets you. Paintings, drawings and other artifacts from the film guide us further into the story as the music of Light Hits initiates us into their dreamscape. As with most dreams, truths run deep within and reveal our collective psyche’s yearning for a world where life and nature are valued above all else.

Cinders Gallery
28 Marcy Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Thurs-Sun 1-7pm

New Show 13. May 2011

Light Hits on location 21. February 2011

LIGHT HITS VIDEO 04. February 2011

Life 03. February 2011

hamhigh 18. January 2011

shamlow 18. January 2011

D>A>Y>> 16. January 2011

S>U>N> 14. January 2011

Still life 15. December 2010

Falls 03. October 2010

MONDAY, October 4th, 8pm, Bruar Falls
Homie Music Show with video projections during performances
Matteah Baim-
Valentropo-Mike Colin (Aa) (Drums), Emily Kramer (violin),
Dave Dismukes (bass) and Bob Warner (Oud/ Guitar)
play awesome middle eastern surf music (
Light Hits-Jessie Rose Vala and Kelie Bowman (Cinders Gallery) play minimal dark wave goth wash.
Music over by midnight=dancing starts at midnight
dj's hot skins, hot sox...

Horizon 01. October 2010

Light 28. September 2010

L>A>K>E 29. August 2010

Light hits first musical performance 01. August 2010

Closing Party for Temple of Blooom! Come help us celebrate the last day of the show. Bands and fun hang times.

Zanzo- Hisham Bharoocha (Soft Circle, Boredoms, Black Dice) and Rob Lowe (Lichens, Om, 90 Day men) play beats and synth. Dancey jams and general awesomeness

Cassie Ramone solo- Lead singer of the Vivian girls brings her solo jams to the temple. stoked!
Light Hits-Minimal dark wave goth wash by Shadey Breeze (Jessie Rose Vala) and White Sands (Kelie Bowman) Expect costumes, ghetto dance moves, video, and a lil shrieking.

Temple of BLOOOM 01. August 2010

C>I 25. July 2010

B>M> 22. July 2010

Tokyo 21. July 2010

San Francisco show 15. July 2010

Today in Mexico 19. June 2010

The “Draw” exhibition, in its 5th incarnation, goes to the Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico! Sto and I guest curated this massive traveling drawing show put together by Erik Foss from FUSE Gallery. Included are many Cinders artists and buddies like Maya Hayuk, Ric Ocasek, Diane Barcelowsky, Allyson Mellberg, Kelie Bowman, Jessie Rose Vala, STO, Eli Lehrhoff, Jordin Isip, Rich Jacobs, Swoon, and Eric White, along with such amazing folks like H.R. Giger, R. Crumb, Ozzy Osbourne (!?) Clive Barker, Chris Johanson, Barry Mcgee, Raymond Pettibon, and David Byrne. Sweet.

P<P< 16. June 2010

Today in Australia 09. June 2010

June 10- June 24, 2010
No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane
QV Melbourne 3000
VIC Australia

F<L< 07. June 2010

T>N> 29. May 2010

L>H> 20. May 2010