Horus' Daughter

17. July 2011

Cinders Gallery Presents:

Horus' Daughter

Light Hits -- Kelie Bowman and Jessie Rose Vala

July 15th – Aug 7th 2011

Cinders Gallery is pleased to present Horus’ Daughter, an exhibition by the collaborative dynamic duo known as Light Hits.

Light Hits was conceived by high priestess of the Vulcan Order, Kelie Bowman, and mystical clairvoyant of the Glastonbury Tribe, Jessie Rose Vala, as a way to expand their creative process and integrate experiential ways to explore the themes they both investigate in their paintings and drawings.

Influenced by the Egyptian Myth of Osiris and Isis, Horus’ Daughter is a modern magical re-telling through video, sound, sculpture, drawings, and paintings. Sexual empowerment, transformation and the role of the masculine and feminine are themes throughout the installation. At the center of this exhibition is a 27-minute video featuring stop-motion animation, shadow puppetry, and live action to an original musical score by Bowman and Vala. The mystic meets the mundane as masked dancers take to the streets of Brooklyn while a cow-headed woman in a power suit wanders Wall Street. Winged apples with vaginas, blooming flowers and golden phalluses re-appear, turning this gruesome tale into a mind-bending mid-summer sexualized fantasy.

As you enter the space, a procession of life-size sculptures adorned with costumes from the film greets you. Paintings, drawings and other artifacts from the film guide us further into the story as the music of Light Hits initiates us into their dreamscape. As with most dreams, truths run deep within and reveal our collective psyche’s yearning for a world where life and nature are valued above all else.

Cinders Gallery

28 Marcy Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Thurs-Sun 1-7pm